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Alpha Services and Holdings

Alpha Services and Holdings S.A. (under the distinctive title Alpha Services and Holdings) is a holding company, listed on the Main Market of the Athens Stock Exchange and holds 100% of the Bank's shares under the name "ALPHA BANK S.A.".

By successfully completing the largest securitization of Non-Performing Exposures in Greece, amounting to Euro 10.8 billion, Alpha Bank managed to drastically reduce the NPL ratio, further strengthening its presence in the Greek market. 
With an emphasis on financing sustainable development, innovation and entrepreneurship, Alpha Bank Group continues to actively support the Greek economy and provide high quality banking services to its Customers.

Alpha Services and Holdings Operations

Alpha Services and Holdings is the parent company of the Alpha Bank Group and maintains, in parallel with, inter alia, activities and assets relating to (a) the planning , promotion and distribution of insurance products in the name and on behalf of one or more insurance companies in  the capacity of insurance agent, as well as (b) the provision of accounting and tax services to affiliated companies and third parties. 

Alpha Services and Holdings Subsidiaries

Alpha Services and Holdings has a direct participation in the subsidiaries Alpha Bank S.A., AlphaLife Insurance Company S.A., Alpha Insurance Agents S.A., REOCO ORION X S.S.A., REOCO GALAXY II S.S.A., REOCO GALAXY IV S.S.A. and Alpha Group Jersey Limited.