At a glance

Since 2024, we have been running the Economy Lessons, in partnership with the Women On Top non-profit organisation, as part of the IQonomy initiative. Through these educational seminars, we help women gain knowledge and skills to manage their finances. This way, we actively contribute to empowering women and promoting financial literacy in Greece.

Promoting the financial literacy of women

The free Economy Lessons are addressed to women over 18 across Greece, as well as female Alpha Bank employees.

Our aim is to help women gain knowledge and skills, so they may:

  • Boost their financial resilience.
  • Become familiar with basic economy principles.
  • Manage their finances with confidence.

Each seminar series runs for 9 months and includes specially designed educational content. The seminars are given by experienced Women On Top instructors.

Through interactive monthly seminars and group meetings in between, participants:

  • Get acquainted with practical financial tools and targeted activities.
  • Learn how to better manage their finances, save in a sustainable way, increase their income and reduce their expenses.
  • Become familiar with the importance of long-term financial planning and basic investment principles.
  • Discover how to communicate and negotiate effectively on financial issues with people in their environment.

Turning our values into action

The Economy Lessons are an initiative launched by Women On Top, following its 2021 survey on the financial literacy of women in Greece. We support and promote the initiative, so that we may stay true to our commitment to actively contribute to women’s empowerment, reduce inequalities and foster financial literacy in Greece.

Planning for the future

In 2024 the seminar series will run from February to November and will be addressed to women across Greece. The classes will be scheduled on a Wednesday each month, except for August. Anyone who is interested may apply from 18.01.2024 to 04.02.2024. The 100 women selected will attend the classes free of charge. All candidates will be informed about the status of their application by 07.02.2024.