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Our main aim is to foster the prosperity of Greek households, especially the more vulnerable ones, and economic sustainability. To this end, we have launched IQonomy, an initiative that promotes equal access for all to financial literacy. Through this initiative, we offer financial knowledge to students of all educational levels, empower women and train our customers and people over 55.

Promoting financial literacy in Greece

Through IQonomy, we have designed actions and programmes that promote financial literacy among different population groups in Greece. Our aim is to develop modern financial intelligence, which ensures that all people have the necessary skills to handle day-to-day financial matters and turn their financial plans into reality.

Sound financial management is a major step towards prosperity for households. The goal is for everyone to have access to knowledge, such as:

  • Drafting personal or family budgets.
  • Saving money.
  • Scheduling and managing payments.
  • Becoming familiar with digital tools, products and services offered by financial institutions.

We promote the development of financial skills coupled with training on circular economy. This way we reinforce responsible and sustainable decision-making, aiming at financial stability, sustainable development and environmental protection.

Broadening knowledge on financial matters

Through programmes and activities addressed to different population groups.

Investing in the new generation

In partnership with ActionAid we are offering the “ABCs of Financials” programme to schools across Greece. The students become familiar with key financial terms through experiential methods and learn how to manage day-to-day financial matters.

Our aim is to create a new generation of financially aware and responsible citizens who:

  • Understand the complex global financial environment.
  • Make informed social and financial decisions.

Through the “Circular economy in action” initiative we have jointly launched with SciCo, we give children the chance to:

  • Cultivate their environmental awareness.
  • Get in contact with green entrepreneurship.
  • Develop their own business plans, with circular economy at their core.

Offering knowledge to empower women

Empowering women is an unwavering commitment, having demonstrated this through tangible actions. This is why, in partnership with the Women On Top organisation, we carry out the “Economy lessons”, which include educational seminars and financial coaching sessions.

The seminars are addressed to women across Greece, as well as female Alpha Bank employees. Our aim is to help women gain knowledge, self-confidence and skills, so they may:

  • Make the right financial decisions.
  • Gain their financial independence more effectively and ensure prosperity for themselves and their families.

In 2024, the seminar series will take place from February to November and will be addressed to women across Greece. Anyone who is interested may apply between 18.01.2024 and 04.02.2024.

Educating customers and people over 55

We are fully aware of the role we play in informing, educating, and supporting current and future customers. To this end, we launch initiatives and workshops that help them become familiar with our products and services.

In addition, through the “e-conomy for all” programme we jointly carry out with People Behind, we offer educational seminars to people over 55. Through the programme, participants:

  • Learn how to use digital banking and other tools.
  • Become familiar with digital transactions.
  • Pick up skills so they can protect themselves from digital financial fraud.

Turning our values into action

The IQonomy is fully aligned with the national strategy for financial literacy launched by the OECD and overseen by the Greek Ministry of Finance.

Aiming to get tangible statistics on the level of financial literacy in Greece, and to design initiatives and programmes that meet actual needs among our fellow citizens, we assigned to a dedicated company the task of carrying out a relevant survey. The conclusions demonstrated that taking action in this area is a priority.

At the same time, a relevant Eurobarometer survey ranked Greece 23rd among the 27 EU member-states in terms of financial skills.

Based on these conclusions, through IQonomy, we are leaving our own footprint on the Greek financial environment, aiming at prosperity and progress for all. Given that the initiative promotes circular economy, it also reinforces the link between financial prosperity and sustainable development, responsible entrepreneurship and environmental protection.

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