“The goal is to become a key banking partner supporting the outward-looking potential of Cypriot businesses and a catalyst for progress for the local community.”
V. Psaltis, Alpha Bank CEO

Together with Cyprus

Creating opportunities for Cypriot businesses and advancing the growth of the Cypriot economy.

Continuous presence in the Cypriot economy

Through its subsidiary Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd., the Alpha Bank Group has been active in Cyprus since 1998. All these years, we have been offering a wide range of financial products and services through:

  • A modern network of branches
  • Dedicated units and customer service points
  • A series of sophisticated, secure and friendly online banking applications

Cyprus has long been an important market for us, because of its unbreakable ties with Greece, but also because it has the potential to become an international business hub, evolving into a gateway from the East to Europe.

Today, we are leveraging our experience and our strategic partnership with UniCredit, which enables us to open a window to the world for Cypriot businesses and to offer quality products and services to our customers.

Supporting the sustainable development of Cyprus

We believe in the potential and prospects of Cyprus and are becoming a partner for progress, aiming at its sustainable development. The high growth rates of the last few years demonstrate the resilience of the Cypriot economy, despite heightened international challenges.

During the meetings, the Group CEO, Mr Psaltis, praised the catalytic role that Mr Christodoulides and his government have played in steering the Cypriot economy on the positive course, and personally briefed him on the new period of extroversion for Alpha Bank Cyprus.

Other topics discussed included the geopolitical developments in the wider region, as well as the progress in implementing the investments and projects under the Recovery and Resilience Facility in Greece and Cyprus.

Robust goals for the future

Mr Psaltis stressed the need to continue implementing the strategic plan at an even more intensive pace, aiming to enhance the service offering to the customers of Alpha Bank Cyprus. 
Specifically, the CEO referred to:

  • Alpha Bank Group’s Wholesale Banking as the foundation for further supporting the Cypriot businesses
  • The opportunities for further business growth in Wealth Management
  • The strategic partnership with UniCredit, which offers a significant advantage for the future

The goal is to create a wide European banking network that will serve the needs of businesses in Greece and Cyprus, as well as assist in implementing foreign direct investments in these 2 economies.

Find out more about the series of meetings in Cyprus in the Press Release.