Business Review 2015 - page 12-13

Letter from the Chairman
implement proactivemanagement strategies to address
nonperforming loans, in the corporate aswell as in the
retail lendingportfolio, with the aimof increasing the
recoverable valueof these loans. As youmay already know
frompublications in thePress, AlphaBankwas the first one
among all Greek banks to set up, in associationwith a leading
specialist firm, a unit specialising inmanaging housing and
consumer loans in an effective and socially responsible
manner. In addition, acting jointlywithEurobank and in
associationwith a leadingglobal specialist investment firm,
wewill beprovidingmanagement services for high-value
corporate loans on a trial basis. Through these initiatives,
combinedwith the expected recovery of theGreek Economy,
we seek to create a new framework thatwill ensure the
viability of the solutions thatweplan, inorder to return to
normal conditions of operation and to contribute in a creative
way toour country’s development.
Lastly, I feel it ismy duty tomention that, in thesedifficult
times, our Bank has continued,modestly andwithoutmuch
publicity, its activities in thedomainof culture aswell as its
initiatives to assist our fellow citizenswho havebeen affected
by the crisis.
AlphaBank’s successful courseduring a particularly difficult
periodwasmadepossible thanks to the trust that you,
our Shareholders, placed in theBank, to the trust of our
Customers and, of course, thanks to the tireless efforts of the
Bank’sManagement Executives and all its Personnel. Once
more, AlphaBank’s Employeesworkedwith unparalleled zeal
anddedication to their duties. Inmy capacity asChairman
of theBoardof Directors, I would like to extendmy sincere
gratitude to all Personnel and to invite them to support, “with
wisdom and vision” – toquote the favouritephraseof our
HonoraryChairmanYannis S. Costopoulos – theBank’sway
forward to the future.
Athens, June30, 2016
Vasileios T. Rapanos
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