Together for a sustainable future

Sustainability is at the core of our strategy, designed to shape a new banking environment. By incorporating ESG criteria in our financing, we support businesses in their transition towards a more sustainable business model. We design green banking products and foster investments with an environmental and social impact.  

Aiming to improve our customer experience, we keep upgrading and improving our digital channels. This way our clients can reap all the benefits of the digital era.

ESG opens up a unique opportunity for all businesses that wish to improve their financial performance, and the banking system is able to contribute to this effort.

Committed to sustainable banking and investments

By incorporating ESG criteria in our financing and investment products, and our banking services.

Green solutions and digital channels

Through our digital transformation, we offer green and digital solutions. We keep upgrading our digital channels, so that our clients can gain easier access to banking products and services, whenever and wherever they wish. 

At the same time, we continuously develop products and services that support the green growth of households and the sustainable development of small businesses. 

Sustainable investments

True to the European market trend, we incorporate ESG criteria in investment-related decision-making. 

Through investment products with an environmental and social impact, targeted updates and awareness campaigns for our staff and clients, we promote sustainable investments

Major sustainable development projects

We finance key ESG development projects and major Greek businesses that contribute to the sustainable development of the country. 

During the assessment and financing process, we take ESG criteria and factors into account. This way, we foster the green transition and economic development of Greek businesses. 
Developing green products and services
For the green transition of small businesses and our retail clients.  

Discover the ESG pillars

With our sights set on a sustainable future, we are standing by our society and aim at effective corporate governance.