At a glance

Since 2009, we have been planning and carrying out volunteer activities for our employees, aiming to meet social and environmental objectives. The willingness of our people to give back to society lies at the centre of our efforts. Through initiatives and programmes, we are able to inspire them, and build a culture of solidarity and contribution to society. 

Building a culture of volunteering among our people 

In 2022 we updated our volunteer programme, directly tying it to our strategy on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. Our aim is to transform individual action into a new, collective vision.  

For the first time ever we have invited all our employees to offer their time and enthusiasm to participate in the Together, for better health initiative that we have launched in 2014. The initiative aims at ensuring equal access to healthcare services and medications for people living in remote areas, such as the islands.  

We believe that greater engagement by our people enhances the participatory nature, longevity and long-lasting impact of this initiative. At the same time, our employees are able to make a meaningful contribution to their fellow citizens, the society and the environment. 
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