Serving all our clients

By respecting their individual needs and managing their requests efficiently. 

Responding immediately to any customer request

We handle complaints and requests through a central system, and are able to respond timely and comprehensively to any issue communicated by our clients.  

The dedicated Customer Service Division follows a specifically designed Quality Management System to address complaints. The System is ISO 9001 certified by international certification body TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS

In 2021 we handled 23,615 complaints with an average resolution time of 24 days. We were able to resolve 74% of the cases in just 14 days. The NPS index for complaints increased by 9 points compared to 2019. 

Find out more about how to submit complaints and requests.

Serving customers in remote areas

We treat all our clients with respect and care about their ability to access quality banking services.  

Through targeted actions, we provide access to our services to people living in remote areas. In fact, in areas with a population less than 2,000 we operate: 

  • 10 branches.  
  • 46 off-site ATMS. 

Caring for our clients with disabilities

67% of our branches in Greece are accessible to people with mobility difficulties. 

Our clients with visual impairments can complete their transactions on their own, with the help of our specially designed ATMs. Out of all our ATMs:

  • 405 have settings for the visually impaired. 
  • 300 offer a voice guidance option. 

At our branches, 2 designated employees stand as witnesses for persons with visual impairment who wish to carry out any transactions or tasks. These employees are not involved in those particular transactions or tasks.  

Moreover, we give our clients with visual impairment the option of receiving paper documents in Braille within 7 days, including terms of transactions and invoicing.