At the service of culture

With the aim of playing our part in safeguarding Greek culture and establishing a meaningful presence in the Greek cultural life, we hold and continuously enrich collections and archives. The Art Collection, the Numismatic Collection, the Historical Archives and the Alpha Bank Library work diligently to boost the cultural activity of the country and preserve the history of the Alpha Bank Group.

Preserving the Greek heritage

Through our Collections, Historical Archives and Library.

Art Collection

Boasting 5,500 pieces by Greek artists, covering the national artistic production from 1880 until this day, the Alpha Bank Art Collection is one of the most important collections held by banks and institutions in Greece. 

It features paintings, prints, sculptures, assemblages, illustrations, etc. Some of the works are displayed in Alpha Bank branches and are accessible to the public.  


Numismatic Collection

11,000 ancient coins and 2,000 coins and banknotes of the new Greek state make the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection one of the most impressive private coin and banknote collections in the world.  

The Collection aims to reconstruct the numismatic history, from antiquity to date, contribute to numismatic science and assist the educational community through organising numerous educational activities.  


Historical Archives

The corporate identity and history of the Alpha Bank Group and the companies comprising it are kept alive through the Alpha Bank Historical Archives. The invaluable hard-copy documents of the archives spread across 2,000 metres of shelves, while the digitised material is nearly 700,000 pages.  

The Historical Archives also produce significant scientific and educational output, hosting conferences and seminars jointly with national and international organisations.  



The unique collection of rare books on touring held by the Alpha Bank Library reconstructs the history of modern Greece.  

The Library also manages more than 30,000 book titles in Greek and other languages, bank document records and rare photographic archives. The Library is responsible for all Alpha Bank publications. 

Supporting culture and education in action
With educational programmes, cultural venues, important exhibitions and impressive publications. 
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