Together for society

We stand by the society where we operate. Through Corporate Responsibility initiatives, we meet needs in the areas of health and education. Driven by our long-term efforts to showcase the cultural heritage of Greece, we design and launch initiatives that facilitate equal access to culture and the arts, while we help our fellow citizens with disabilities and other limitations.

Our people enjoy equal opportunities for training and development, and social benefits. At the same time, we promote female entrepreneurship and startups through specific training and participation in competitions. We treat all our clients equally and respect their diversity.

Committed to society

By launching initiatives that support culture and our fellow citizens.

Supporting Greek culture

Through concerted efforts, we safeguard and promote Greek culture. At Alpha Bank Politismos we have created 4 Collections and Archives which highlight aspects of the history and cultural life of Greece.

We support cultural events by the most prominent Greek institutions, such as the National Theatre, the Greek National Opera, the Megaron Athens Concert Hall and the National Gallery. At the same time, through our “Cinema for all”, “All together at the Opera” and “Together with the children at museums and theatres” initiatives, we promote equal access to cultural activities and events.

Through the “The defacements that hurt” initiative, we restore defaced historical monuments and works of art in public spaces.

Promoting equal access to healthcare services

Since 2014 we have been promoting access to quality healthcare services, helping reduce inequalities for our fellow citizens living in remote and inaccessible areas. Through the “Together, for better health” initiative, we have already assisted the residents of 82 islands and areas in mainland Greece.

As of 2022, the initiative became more inclusive. The assistance offered by the programme has expanded, with the addition of care units for the elderly and social pharmacies, while the initiative has also been supporting even more vulnerable social groups.

Furthering knowledge

Through our “Together, for better education” initiative, primary schools all over Greece have acquired modern teaching aids and sports equipment. The educational programmes at the Alekos Fassianos Museum introduce young and old to contemporary art and the world of this great Greek painter.

With the aim of introducing children to culture, we offer 3 educational programmes designed by the Numismatic Collection: 2 museum kits that travel for free to schools in Greece and abroad, and 1 programme at the Banknote Museum of Ionian Bank on the island of Corfu.

Our IQonomy initiative promotes financial literacy with a vision for the prosperity and sustainability of Greek households. In addition, through the “ABCs of Financials” programme, we incorporate financial literacy into Greek scools. 

Standing by the society

Through our “Together, for the environment” initiative, we support organisations that respond to natural disasters and provide relief to the affected local communities.

The sponsorships to Paralympians promote equal access to sports for all and foster respect for diversity. As a grand sponsor of the Athens 2004 Olympics, we have proven in practice our desire to showcase the athletic ideal.

By participating in activities for seniors by the B&E Goulandris Foundation for people aged 65+ and persons with mild cognitive impairment, we ensure that everyone enjoys equal access to culture.

Showcasing innovation and entrepreneurship

Through our annual international FinQuest competition we strengthen our ties with the Greek and international FinTech ecosystem, support new businesses and startups, and promote digital innovation in the banking sector.

The Grow Aware Online Academy aims at promoting female entrepreneurship and supporting women over 40 who have left Alpha Bank voluntarily to set up their own social enterprise.

Respecting the needs of our clients

With the aim of offering inclusive services to all our clients we have established branches and ATMs that are accessible to people with disabilities and residents of remote areas.

By handling complaints through a central system, we are able to respond to any issue communicated by our clients fast and efficiently.
Supporting our people
Our people are our most valuable asset and our driving force to continue on our path to success.
From pledges to social action
Through concerted and targeted efforts, spanning all sectors.
ESG reporting hub
Through well-rounded reporting, we advocate transparency and accountability. We track our financial, environmental and social performance, and comply with the international standards and regulations, providing comprehensive and reliable disclosures.