Committed to protecting the environment

By decreasing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable products. 

A green policy for the long haul

By implementing a comprehensive Environmental Policy, we keep reducing our ecological footprint. We actively contribute to protecting the environment, mitigating climate change and preserving natural resources, looking to a sustainable future. 

We have developed an Environmental Management System to monitor and improve the environmental impact of our operations. With targeted actions, we aspire to limit our gas emissions, reduce energy consumption, save paper and water, and implement recycling programmes. 

Initiatives for sustainability

Our Private Banking clients have access to investments with a positive environmental impact. By selecting specifically designed investment products, they contribute to restoring forests across Greece

Astypalea is now the 1st smart island in the Mediterranean thanks to our Circular Economy in Action educational programme held at local schools and our support of electromobility in the island’s transport network. In the context of our Reuse For Good initiative, we give away our equipment for reuse by schools and organisations that actually need it.

Sustainable financing and products

We focus on reinforcing entrepreneurship and getting back on a growth track through financing projects that promote sustainability.  

Our specifically designed sustainable products and services, including green loans, e-statements and online digital products, support energy efficiency upgrades for residential properties, as well as electromobility.
From pledges to environmental action
Through concerted efforts, forging a link between economic growth and sustainability.  
ESG reporting hub
Through well-rounded reporting, we advocate transparency and accountability. We track our financial, environmental and social performance, and comply with the international standards and regulations, providing comprehensive and reliable disclosures.