At a glance

Since 2015 we have been hosting plays and tours of museums and cultural centres for children living in group homes in Athens and Thessaloniki. Through the “Together at museums and theatres” initiative we give children a fun and entertaining ride, from the National Theatre to the Shadow Puppets Theatre, and from the Museum of Natural History to the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.

Supporting children with the help of our people

We believe that everyone should have access to culture. And we are not alone in this effort. Our people are always there to support us.

Members of our staff volunteer to assist in organising and hosting our cultural events, putting a smile on the faces of more than 100 children each year.

Turning our values into action

In 2022, 61 children from 3 foundations (Hatzikyriakio Foundation, Lyreio Foundation and the Children’s Support Centre of Elefsis – Kentro Agapis Elefsinas) watched the children’s play Heidi in the Mountains by the National Theatre.

In 2021 we hosted 2 online events:

  • Onassis Stegi – The “Paintelling: Travelling with Symbols and Myths from Riga’s Charta” educational programme with the participation of 5 foundations.
  • Benaki Museum – A Christmas event with the participation of 156 children from 3 foundations (SOS Children's Villages Crete, Thrace and Vari, Melissa Orphanage, and the Children’s Support Centre of Elefsis – Kentro Agapis Elefsinas).

Moreover, 200 children of our employees attended workshops on circular economy at the Benaki Museum.

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