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“Together, for the environment” is a comprehensive action programme aimed at preventing natural disasters and protecting the environment, while supporting society. Through this initiative, we provide support to teams responding to emergencies and to affected communities, help restore the ecosystem, and promote scientific training on environmental, disaster and crisis management. 

Supporting organisations that respond to natural disasters 

We acknowledge the importance of the work performed by teams and organisations responding to emergencies. This is why we assist and support their efforts to prevent and manage natural disasters through: 

  • Donations of necessary equipment, such as fire trucks, helmets, etc. 
  • Financial support to volunteer forest protection groups.

Standing by the affected communities

We respond to natural disasters, directly supporting local communities affected by fires, floods, earthquakes or other emergencies. We donate food, basic necessities, personal hygiene products, personal protective equipment, etc. 

Moreover, we have always taken special measures to support our clients, retail or business, who reside or are established in areas affected by natural disasters. We offer loan payment deferrals, as well as loans with favourable terms for damage restoration. 

Helping restore the ecosystem 

We promote initiatives aimed at restoring ecosystems and protecting biodiversity. 

In partnership with Reforest’Action, and along with our clients, we assist in the restoration of Arona forest in Katerini, through investment products with an environmental impact.  

Promoting scientific training 

Since 2017 we have been awarding scholarships and covering operating expenses for the “Environmental, Disaster and Crisis Management Strategies” postgraduate programme, offered by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. 

The programme has helped create a trained community of expert knowledge and skills on environmental, disaster and crisis management issues. This community is mobilised in the event of an emergency, such as the recent wildfires in Attica, Evia and the Peloponnese. Search parties and volunteer groups are established, with the aim of providing immediate support to the affected residents, and information to the public and the scientific community. 

Turning our values into action  

2021 was the worst in the last 13 years in terms of the total burnt area in Greece. 84 forest fires burned down more than 130,000 hectares, mainly in Evia, Attica and the Peloponnese. 

Faced with a disaster of this magnitude, we took action to support the efforts of the volunteer firefighter associations in affected areas by: 

  • Donating 6 fire trucks to support the fleet of 6 volunteer firefighter associations. This donation helped enhance the operational capacity and safety of the volunteer groups. 
  • Providing financial support to 2 additional associations. 

At the same time, we stood by local communities offering: 

  • 7,500 food and basic necessity items through the Greek Red Cross. 
  • 6-month loan and card payment deferral to clients who reside or are established in affected areas.  
“A business cannot progress in the long term if it has no respect for the natural environment and does not coherence the option of society.”  

Vasileios Rapanos, Chair of the Alpha Bank Board 
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