Promoting equal access to healthcare services

With a strong sense of responsibility for the actual needs of society, we create the conditions for equal access to healthcare services for all. Through the “Together, for better health” programme, we provide medical and pharmaceutical supplies to health centres, based on their registered needs.  

In partnership with the “Agoni Grammi Gonimi” civil non-profit company, our main goals are: 

  • Saving residents the hassle of having to travel for day-to-day medical procedures. 
  • Responding on time in case of emergency or accident. 
  • Improving the quality of life and enhancing the feeling of safety for the residents and visitors of remote areas. 

Moreover, we aim at improving the quality of work of the medical and nursing personnel, and making the daily operation of the health centres more efficient. 

Turning our values into action

Ensuring the health and safety of local communities is our priority. 

1st phase – 2014-2021 / Greek islands

The initiative was launched in 2014 with the donation of medical equipment and supplies to health centres on small and remote islands that experience health inequalities more intently, due to distance and weather conditions.  

Gradually and up to 2021, we expanded our activities to the larger Greek islands, as we realised that they too are experiencing equally important needs and shortages.

2nd phase – 2022 / Mainland Greece

In 2022 we launched the 2nd phase of the initiative for supporting the National Health System. Starting from the Region of Thessaly, we equip health centres in mainland Greece that are facing severe shortages due to geographical or other restrictions. 

At the same time, we meet the needs of social pharmacies and care units for the elderly. Our aim is to make our initiative more inclusive, by expanding it to cover other vulnerable groups. Our employees actively participate in the programme, as they volunteer to collect medications, which we donate to social pharmacies. 

Enhancing the social impact 

Through initiatives in remote and inaccessible areas of island and mainland Greece.

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