At a glance

In response to the poor state and defacement of monuments at the centre of Athens, we worked with the Alpha Bank Art Collection to launch the “The defacements that hurt” initiative, to conserve and restore sculptures and monuments. With the help of a team of conservators specialising in sculptures, we restore defaced monuments found at the busiest spots of large Greek cities.

Protecting our cultural heritage

We act as guardians of the Greek monuments found in the urban fabric. By following the latest specifications, we restore historical monuments and works of art that have been damaged due to the daily urban life and vandalism: graffiti, breakages, etc.

We enhance the historical memory and create a valuable heritage for the future. At the same time, we restore the special character of these urban neighbourhoods that have been altered because of the defacements.

Turning our values into action

Since 2013, we have restored more than 40 sculptures and monuments in Athens, Thessaloniki and Nafplio through the “The defacements that hurt” initiative.

We have breathed new life into works created by prominent sculptors, such as Lazaros Sochos, Thomas Thomopoulos, Dimitrios Filippotis, Lazaros Fytalis, etc.

On the occasion of the 200-year anniversary since the Greek Revolution, we focused on preserving statues and busts of heroes of the Revolution, with the aim of inviting the citizens of Athens to re-discover them and remember their heroic deeds.

Planning for the future

Hoping to provide a long-term solution to a serious social problem in the realm of culture and the daily urban life, we continue to:

  • Include monuments in our restoration programme.
  • Maintain the condition of the sculptures we have already restored.
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