Turning our values into action

By focusing on disseminating Greek culture and furthering education. 

The Numismatic Collection in museum kits

The “Nomos-Nomizo-Nomisma” travelling museum kit”, structured around play and experiential learning, presents to primary school students valuable exhibits of the Numismatic Collection, along with the history of coins, which originated in Ancient Greece. At the same time, we offer educational seminars to teachers. 

The “Currency and Transactions. From Yesterday to Nowadays” travelling museum kit is addressed to primary and secondary school students. Through creative activities, the girls and boys learn about the use of the coin as a means of transaction and follow its evolution from antiquity to the present day, i.e. plastic and virtual money.

History lesson at the Museum

Through “Paper Money – The Greek Banknote”, primary and secondary school students become familiar with the history of the Greek banknote. This programme is offered throughout the school year, at the permanent exhibition of the Banknote Museum of Ionian Bank on the island of Corfu. Through banknotes, students and teachers learn about the history surrounding the establishment of the Greek state and the 5 banks that had currency-issuing privileges in Greece. 

Our efforts are recognised

By children, teachers and institutions.