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We are supporting the new Alekos Fasianos Museum, which opened its doors in April 2023, in the same place where the painter's family home once stood, in a small house with a courtyard in the Metaxourgeio area. With our help, the newly established Museum designs and runs educational experiential programmes for young students throughout Greece. In this way, we introduce them to contemporary art and the world of the great Greek painter Alekos Fassianos.

City as Theatre

The  "City as Theater" educational programme for children aged 5-9 draws inspiration from Alekos Fassianos' painted photographs and his special relationship with the theatre.

Students become acquainted with figures that have emerged from the painter's canvases, as well as images of the modern city. They then stage an original improvisational shadow theatre performance, which is recorded by the Museum's staff and sent to their school.

Additionally, the children discover the original "Alekos Fassianos Shadow Theatre" and the painter's paper figures.

The guided tours feature audio narration.

Homo imaginarius

In the "Homo Imaginarius” programme, students aged 9-12 explore the relationship between painting and architecture.

In their attempt to connect these 2 concepts, they study and explore the Museum's physical space with their bodies and senses, drawing inspiration from it. The children discover handmade objects created by the painter and are guided through the spaces with audio narration.

At the same time, the young visitors take on the task of organising a comprehensive art exhibition within a 3D model of the Museum. Using a tiny camera, they project in real-time the imaginary journey of a visitor among the miniature exhibits.

The Myth of My Neighbourhood – Museum Kit

We have expanded the educational activities of the Museum to schools on islands and in remote areas, ensuring equal access to the programmes for children living outside Athens.

All the children will be able to participate through special museum kits, which will travel to:

  • Kindergartens and Primary Schools
  • Foundations
  • Special Education and Training School Units (SMEAE)

The museum kit is a comprehensive and autonomous educational tool that travels to schools across Greece. In this way, we help children living all over the country learn about the history and collection of the Alekos Fassianos Museum in an original and interactive way.

Turning our values into action

We support the educational programmes of the Alekos Fassianos Museum, which encourage free expression, development of different skills, equal treatment of students, as well as teamwork when playing.

Equal and unobstructed access to culture is the central idea of these educational programmes. To this end, we actively contribute to raising awareness among people for a progressive society, free from inequalities and exclusions.

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