At a glance

In 2021 we partnered up with the Greek National Opera to design the “All together at the Opera” initiative. Through this effort, we stage universally accessible performances. Moreover, we organise art workshops and seminars to promote inclusive learning and respect for diversity.

Promoting universal accessibility

Since 2021 we have been staging performances in partnership with the Greek National Opera to assist people with disabilities in a meaningful way. The performances take place under conditions of universal accessibility, including seating for:

  • Deaf or hard of hearing, using sign language or interlingual surtitles.
  • Blind or visually impaired, using audio description.

This way, we offer the chance to more than 1 million of our fellow citizens facing some form of disability to watch plays or music performances live.

Promoting inclusion through educational activities

We organise educational activities for mixed groups of people with or without disabilities, themed around culture and aimed at inclusive learning.

In the “Composition and Inclusion” art workshops, the groups are asked to combine the art of theatre, music and dance, and compose their own original theatre score. Through a collective process, the participants express themselves freely and spontaneously, describing their personal experiences and everyday struggles.

In the “Aesthetics of Access” art seminars, teachers with artistic or non-formal training learn how to develop artistic skills and foster artistic creation in a more inclusive and accessible way. These seminars are also open to anyone organising educational or cultural activities, who are interested in incorporating inclusion and accessibility tools and techniques when designing and planning their activities.

The Greek National Opera “Sound Art and the Experience of Deafness: Hearing as a Physical Experience” workshop, part of its Educational and Social Activities, is a series of seminars on art and music. It is mainly addressed to deaf or hard of hearing persons, but also anyone wishing to cultivate their relationship with the music and art of sound, on a theoretical and hands-on level.

Turning our values into action

We have already staged 4 universally accessible performances:

  • The Magic Pillows by Eugene Trivizas, December 2021
  • Faust by Goethe, April 2022
  • The Magic Pillows by George Dousis and Eugene Trivizas, on 20 and 30 November 2022.
  • Cheap Smokes by the Alternative Stage GNO, on 4 December 2022 and 5 January 2023.

At the same time, through the workshops:

  • Groups of people that were previously excluded have the opportunity to enrich their theatrical and musical training.
  • Greek teachers acquire the necessary know-how on planning and organising inclusive educational and artistic activities.

By empowering people with disabilities, we help enhance the participation of disabled artists, and contribute towards further educational and social growth.

“Unimpeded access to the cultural life of the country is a non-negotiable right for everyone.”

Rouli Christopoulou, Corporate Responsibility & Culture Manager

Planning for the future

Through the “All together at the Opera” initiative we aim at making people with disabilities more visible.

To this end, we continue our efforts to raise public awareness on matters of equality and accessibility, so as to:

  • Enhance social integration and inclusion.
  • Reduce inequalities.
  • Change perceptions about accessibility to culture.
  • Promote respect for diversity.
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