Together for effective governance

Robust corporate governance and value creation for our shareholders have always been our main pursuit. To meet our objectives, we take into account regulatory requirements, best international and European practices, the interests of our shareholders, and the expectations of society. Focusing of transparency and accountability, we take steps to ensure proper allocation of responsibility, risk management and business continuity.

We have created a management framework based on meritocracy, integrity, inclusion and respect for diversity. Our clear-cut codes and policies safeguard the legality and credibility of our processes, the proper conduct of our people and our relationships with our shareholders, clients and suppliers.
“The ability for continuous change and progress is becoming synonymous to sustainability.”
Vassilios E. Psaltis

Committed to sound governance

With best practices that safeguard transparency and credibility.

Prudent and effective management

The Board of Directors manages our affairs, and defines and oversees the governance mechanisms. The composition of the Board follows international best practices both in terms of inclusion and diversity, and in terms of the required knowledge and experience of its Members.

We enhance our corporate governance with clear allocation of responsibilities by the Board to the CEO and the management team. Our Organisational Chart gives a clear overview of our structure and allocation of management operations and responsibilities.

Robust management framework

Our permanent or ad hoc Committees, which assist the Board of Directors in performing its duties, facilitate our operations and support the decision-making process.

Our codes and policies safeguard sound governance. This way we secure the credibility of our procedures, define rules of conduct for our Management and our people, and regulate the relationships with our shareholders and customers.

Compliance and risk management

Risk Management and the Regulatory Compliance are the 2nd line of defence against risk. We implement a cohesive risk management and risk undertaking framework, closely observing the applicable regulatory and legal framework.

At the same time, we support Internal Audit, the 3rd line of defence against risk, by applying a targeted Internal Control System, and adopting national and international standards.

Data protection, cybersecurity and business continuity

We adopt international security standards to enhance cybersecurity and personal data protection. Our main goal is to prevent and address cyberthreats.

At the same time, through a comprehensive business continuity plan, we secure our uninterrupted operation, even in extraordinary circumstances.

ESG reporting hub
Through well-rounded reporting, we advocate transparency and accountability. We track our financial, environmental and social performance, and comply with the international standards and regulations, providing comprehensive and reliable disclosures.