Continuing strong even in the face of adversities

We have established a robust and holistic Business Continuity Management Framework. In the event that our business activities are interrupted due to extraordinary circumstances, we ensure:

  • Our critical operations will continue.
  • The total impact on our activities will be mitigated.

Our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) has been ISO22301 certified since 2013 (Group Certificate), and the certification was renewed in 2022.

Staying alert

On an annual basis, we carry out extensive functional tests and training exercises on matters of Business Continuity. In 2022 we conducted:

  • 55 functional tests.
  • 30 orientation and tabletop exercises.

56 Alpha Bank business units and 48 business units from other Group companies participated in these tests and exercises.

Moreover, we carried out training programmes with the aim of certifying our officers on matters of Business Continuity, in cooperation with an internationally recognised institute.

ESG reporting hub
Through well-rounded reporting, we advocate transparency and accountability. We track our financial, environmental and social performance, and comply with the international standards and regulations, providing comprehensive and reliable disclosures.